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LIGHTAWARENESSPHILOSOPHY by DAVID WARED is the WORLD PEACE HEART/ EARTH HEALING for HUMAN EVOLUTION. The Philosophy is in my understanding the one light science for WORLD PEACE MOVEMENT and EXTENDED HUMANITY. Human evolution happens in meditatation for peace and love to be in our heart. Human evolution to be light science for humanity is know and feel humanity. EARTH HEALING/WORLD HEALTH CARE is the Vision to be in meditation for peace and love. LIGHTAWARENESSPHILOSOPHY by DAVID WARED teaches an inner alignment to integrate unconscious aspects.

Is the infinite journey of love to be sentient truth. Meditation for peace and love to be alive from the fullness of the heart in freedom.

EXTENDED HUMANITY Gratitude, humility and serve to be, are attributes of love. HUMAN ACTS are TRANSHUMANISM "WORLD TOUR for PEACE and FREEDOM for realization our soul to be World Peace MOVEMENT. LIGHT AWARENESS HEALING PHILOSOPHY by DAVID WARED

EXTENDED HUMANITY* ACTS TRANSHUMAN and global healing for peace and love from universe is being evolution our hearts.

LIGHT POINT HEALING by David Wared is the network of love in meditative healing and integrates all frequencies of swinging essence into unity for earth healing.

HEALTHY NATURE - meditative healing moving spirit is the transcendence of nature being and swinging frequency of love on earth.

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