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HOW can we be extended humanity for VISION "WORLD PEACE" and realization of human rights independence and freedom?

Human consciousness development by David Wared/ Light Awareness Philosophy

How can we be world peace and extended humanity for expanded human world healing NOW?

WORLD PEACE MOVEMENT happens in an inner alignment in meditation for peace and love. Extended humanity is being evolution our heart. The spirit of human on planet earth as global world community is reality and equality of light our thoughts and feelings frequency.

The human energy field for extended humanity has no specific nationality, only one vibration, to be in love. To be in love is the highest vibration frequency on earth to create a force field of expanded humanity. To be in love is the mirror our heart connection and the way and the goal in the realization to extended humanity for VISION WORLD PEACE

LIGHT AWARENESS PHILOSOPHY based human consciousness development and includes all dimensions and levels for human being to be the WORLD TOUR for PEACE by DAVID WARED

It is an inner alignment in meditation for peace and love. "We create what we are, space and time is infinite."

Medial healing impulses from the female intuitive consciousness in meditation for peace and love, are impulses of unity realized wisdom. Truth of freedom and peace and love are the mental expansion for a new dimension selfless love extended humanity. Human evolution to be in consciousness of the heart is the network world peace movement for integrate all frequencies of swinging essence for extended humanity. Global earth healing to be connected with mother earth, all plants,all animals and all peoples is the human development path of light in the realization extended humanity.

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